Offers and Negotiations

Besides finding a home and deciding on your budget, there are many other things to consider as we sit down to write an offer. Take some time to consider how you will want to approach these issues. We'll be discussing them throughout the process.

  • OFFER NAME In what name do you want to make the offer? Just your name(full legal name, trust, corp.) or are you buying with someone else? For ease of the transaction, we can write in one of your names with and/or assigns so we only need one signature on all documents.
  • PURCHASE PRICE What do you want to offer and what items would you like included in that price?
  • MONEY DOWN How much earnest money would you be comfortable putting down within 10 days of acceptance?
  • CLOSING When you would like to ideally close the transaction. What is your best situation?
  • BUYER’S OR SELLING AGENT Are you more comfortable working with us as a Selling Agent or as a Buyer’s Agent? if Julie is the listing agent are you comfortable with that?
  • CONTINGENCIES Are there contingencies that you would want written in your initial offer, such as inspections (well, water, septic, home), financing, appraisal, or a survey??
  • CONTACT What is the best way for you to receive and sign documents? Are you able to receive faxes? Can you do electronic delivery? What is most convenient and feasible for you?
  • FINANCING How much do you have down and what type of financing are you looking for? If purchasing a condo/seasonal/vacant land or investment property, we may need to talk with your banker regarding terms prior to drafting the offer.
  • PROPERTY USE Is this for personal use or will it be used as an income generating property? This can make a difference in how we draft your offer.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED Other than appliances - is there anything else you will eventually like to try and purchase from the seller? Remember to ask us about a Bill of Sale.
  • OTHER ITEMS In general, are there any other questions or issues surrounding the process that haven’t been covered here you are concerned about? (Such as early occupancy... etc.)