The Ultimate Home-Buying Process


I Want to Buy A House

The time has come! You've made the decision to purchase a home & are excited, prepared, & committed to the process.


Phone Call with Expert Buyer's Specialist

Interview & locate the right agent for the job. Our Buyer's Agent will listen to your needs & get you started.


Pre-Approval with Trusted Lender

Get your pre-approval letter so you are the STRONGEST buyer possible.


Buyer Consultation

We'll discuss your "must haves" along with your ideal location & price range.


Hire Expert Buyer's Specialist

A Buyer's Agent will work FOR you, looking out for your best interests throughout the entire transaction.


Discuss & Refine Criteria

We'll take a look at current properties on the market & set you up to be notified as new homes are listed - adjusting your criteria as needed.


Tour, Drive-By, & Feedback

We'll tour homes and see what you find that works for you!


Fall In Love

This is it! You've found the perfect home (or two). Put on your "poker face" and we'll work together to make one yours.


Game Plan Offer

Before writing an offer we'll talk over market stats & decide on the best approach to ensure your offer is accepted.


Make & Accept Informed Offer

We will sit down with you to write the strongest offer & negotiate the best terms that we can for you.


Begin Formal Loan Process

Meet with your lender again to begin the loan process. We'll help you make sure to meet the deadlines negotiated in the contract.


Complete Inspection & Negotiate Repairs

We'll help you hire an experienced home inspector and negotiate any needed repairs with the seller.


Appraisal & Loan Commitment

An appraiser will confirm the value of your new home & the next step will be a loan commitment from your lender. 


Schedule Closing

We'll schedule the closing time & location with the title company & the seller.


Utilities & Walk-Through

It's time to transfer the property's utilities in to your name, & we'll walk through the home one more time prior to closing.


Get Keys!

We'll be with you at the closing table & hand you your new keys! Congratulations on your new home!