Oneida County Hiking

Relax and take in the fresh air and scenery of Oneida County. You’ll find trails throughout the county, so you won’t have to travel too far to find a true wilderness experience. Trails such as the Raven Nature Trail and the Awassa Nature Trail run through pristine forests but are also close to lodging and dining. Quiet and careful hikers can expect to see lots of wildlife on Oneida County trails. Common sightings include bald eagles, deer, bear, pileated woodpeckers, ruffed grouse and wild turkey.

Oneida County Forestry maintains two hiking trails at Almon Park. These trails travel through a variety of habitats and together total approximately 2.25 miles in length. The Almon Park wetlands trail features three boardwalks totaling more than 1,100 feet in length.

Additionally, there are networks of approximately 40 total miles of trails for wildlife management and recreation. These networks are located on old logging roads throughout the county that have been seeded with clover and maintained to serve as wildlife migration paths as well as walking trails for hikers and hunters.


Hiking Trails

  • Almon Park Trail
  • Bearskin State Trail
  • Cassian County Two-Way
  • Cavoc Trails
  • Enterprise County Ski/Hiking Trail
  • Hiawatha Trail
  • Holiday Trails: Long Lake
  • Holiday Trails: Old Farm Trail
  • Holmboe Nature Preserve
  • Madeline Trail
  • McNaughton Trail
  • Newbold Town Trails
  • Nose Lake County Trail
  • Raven Nature Trail
  • Rhinelander Community Ski/Walking Trails
  • Sam Campbell Memorial Trail
  • Schlect Ski Trails
  • Three Eagle Trail
  • Washburn Lake Trail