Oneida County Winter Trails

Cross-Country Skiing & SnowShoeing Trail

Grab your poles: Oneida County is a cross-country skiing and snowshoeing paradise. While expert skiers train here, you don’t need to wear Lycra to enjoy our trails!

You’ll find an excellent variety of cross-country skiing trails, including trails groomed for both traditional and skate-style skiing. You can find trails that will give you a taste of winter but will be easy to complete, as well as systems that can take a weekend or more to explore. And no trail is far from a warm Oneida County lodge or restaurant.

Oneida County also offers numerous snowshoeing opportunities. Explore the region’s designated snowshoe trails, head off on your own into the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest or just take a spin outside the cabin—but make sure to get pictures!


Cross-Country Skiing & SnowShoeing Trail

  • Almon Park Trail
  • Cassian County Two-Way
  • Cavoc Trails
  • Holiday Trails: Long Lake
  • Holiday Trails: Old Farm Trail
  • Holmboe Nature Preserve
  • Madeline Trail
  • McNaughton Trail
  • Minocqua Winter Park
  • Northwoods Ski Trail
  • Nose Lake County Trail
  • Raven Nature Trail
  • Rhinelander Community Ski/Walking Trails
  • Sam Campbell Memorial Trail
  • Schlect Ski Trails
  • Three Eagle Trail
  • Washburn Lake Trail

Cross Country Skiing Trails

The Washburn Trail, which is the largest and most popular of the 3 ski trails, is located adjacent to Perch Lake Park in the Town of Woodboro. The Washburn Ski Trail is 12.0-miles long, offering 4.0 miles of trail groomed for tracked skiing, and 8.0 miles of trail groomed for ski skating. As a result of the hilly topography found throughout the Washburn Lake Area, these trails are best suited for skiers possessing an intermediate to advanced skill set.

The Nose Lake Trail is also located in the Town of Woodboro and offers 7.0 miles of trail groomed for traditional tracked skiing. The gentle topography, upon which the Nose Lake Trail is located, makes this system very popular with skiers possessing either a beginner or intermediate skill set. Another popular feature of the Nose Lake Trail is that dogs are permitted.

The Cassian Two-Way Trail is 9 miles in length in each direction, and as its name implies the trail is located in the Town of Cassian. The Cassian Trail is also located on gentle rolling terrain, and is designed to accommodate users with a wide range of skills. The Cassian Trail is groomed for traditional tracked skiing.



Oneida County Forestry maintains two hiking and snowshoeing trails at Almon Park. These trails travel through a variety of habitats and together total approximately 2.25-miles in length. The Almon Park wetlands trail features 3-boardwalks totaling more than 1,100 feet in length. In addition there is a network of approximately 40 miles of trails for wildlife management and recreation. The network is located on old logging roads that have been seeded with clover and are maintained to serve as wildlife migration paths and as walking trails for hunters and hikers.

For snowshoe enthusiasts looking for a primitive experience, you may want to try the Enterprise Winter Silent Sports Trail, an 8-mile trail located in the southeast Oneida County Forest. Dogs are allowed on this trail, but must be kept under direct voice control at all times. For individuals seeking a more challenging silent sport experience, the Washburn Trail System provides 5.0 miles of snowshoe trail and 11.0 miles of hiking trails. Pets are not allowed if trails are snow covered.



Cruise the bunny hill or carve a pro line; skiers of all abilities will find fantastic downhill skiing and snowboarding in Oneida County. Camp 10, located about 10 miles southwest of Rhinelander, is a downhill ski area that offers a complete, family-friendly downhill ski experience.

Camp 10 includes 15 beautiful downhill runs, a chairlift, two t-bar lifts, a beginner tow rope, and ski, snowboard and snowshoe rentals. Night skiing and snowboarding is available. Beginners are welcome—there’s a ski and snowboard school that will get you started. The instructors can also help intermediate and expert skiers and snowboarders improve their skills. Camp 10 also has a cafeteria, so you ca relax and enjoy some food while you’re at the facility.

While we receive ample amounts of snow in Oneida County, Camp 10 also makes its own snow, so the hill will be ready for fun when you arrive.

Lots of good stuff in the off season- like a brand new ski lodge roof, completion of our pipeline extension , additional electrical stations , more pole mounted snowmaking machines, and major major upgrade work on the two grooming machines. The objective is to double the snowmaking capability especially for early season and for the racing program.


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