The Town of Three Lakes – “Home” or “Home-Away-from-Home”

Though many people have not heard of the small town of Three Lakes, those who have hold a special place in their hearts for it.  Three Lakes is located in Wisconsin’s northwoods, and is home to the largest inland chain of lakes. Twenty-eight lakes connecting provide endless opportunities for boating, fishing, waterskiing, swimming, and kayaking during the warmer months, and snowmobiling and ice fishing throughout the winter. Tree-lined picturesque roads that wind throughout the community’s 99.9 square miles all lead to its quaint downtown. A variety of locally owned shops and small businesses border its main streets including a winery, theatre, gift shops, restaurants, coffee shops & a bakery.

Three Lakes is a tight-knit community of around 2000 people, who welcome visitors and tourists throughout the year. During the summer months the town’s population can swell to upward of 10,000 as resorts, summer homes and rentals fill with vacationers and seasonal residents.  The weeks surrounding the Fourth of July can be particularly lively as the town welcomes all who come to celebrate with an entertaining parade and unforgettable fireworks show.

Many year-round residents find they share a similar story – after visiting Three Lakes as adults, or recalling fond memories from childhood, they’ve chosen to relocate to the community to retire, raise a family, or start a business. Those who have spent time within the community of Three Lakes find they long to return.  It may be the beauty of its lakes and forests, the charming downtown, or its caring community, but Three Lakes gives so many reasons to come to plant roots, start fresh, and make a lifetime of memories.