Becoming A Strong Buyer Strive to write the best offer possible

As you are searching for your next home, there are some steps to take that will help you write the strongest offer possible when the time comes.

If you are planning on financing your home, finding a local lender is the best first step. You will want to know how much you will be able to borrow, and have a letter of Pre-Approval indicating that amount.

Partnering with a local lender avoids many issues that we have seen arise with “out of town” lenders. Our local bankers understand septic systems, wells, easement roads, shared driveways, and other factors that are unique to the Northwoods.

If you are planning on writing a cash offer, you will be required to provide proof of funds. If you would like to write a cash offer in order to appear stronger to the seller, but still need to obtain financing, we can discuss the process with your lender prior to writing an offer.

Local Lenders To Call

Dee Cayo,
Inlanta Mortgage

John Hletko,
Great North Bank

Tori Dunlap,
People’s State Bank

LeAnn Hayden
Incredible Bank

"The closing process on our lake home was full of obstacles, few of which we could control. One thing we did control was our choice of lender. Due to a successful existing relationship, we initially chose to work with our bank.

It quickly became clear that this was a mistake, and had we not switched in midstream to a Northwoods lender, we would not have made it to the Finish line. We wish we would have saved ourselves the hassle by working with Dee Cayo from the beginning."

Brad Timmerman