Oneida County Fishing

Oneida County is the destination for good times on the water. It’s part of a region that has the fifth-largest concentration of freshwater lakes in the world, so it’s easy to find a place to launch your boat. Enjoy the lakes in Oneida County any way you like—they’re perfect for boating, water skiing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking or simply taking a relaxing float. Fish are plentiful, attracting serious anglers from across the Midwest as well as those who just want to spend a day on the water. If you’re looking for a classic vacation on a Northwoods lake, Oneida County is the place for you.


Fall Fishing

During the fall, musky anglers should be tying on the largest baits they have in their tackleboxes. Walleye hunters should slow their jigging down to match the slowed metabolism of their quarry. Pike fishermen should target drop-offs and weedbeds.

There are always fewer anglers on the water during the fall, making it a great time to really relax while you’re on the water. You might just find you have the lake all to yourself.

Winter Fishing

Oneida County has numerous lakes offering excellent ice fishing. Panfish, northern pike and walleye are available through the ice in good numbers. Walleye and northern pike tend to be targeted using minnows and tip-ups. Panfish can be found by jigging the areas where they were found in the spring and early summer.


Spring Fishing

When spring fever hits, grab your gear and cooler and head to a beautiful Oneida County lake.

The first days after the ice comes off Oneida County’s lakes are ideal for targeting panfish, including bluegill and crappie. Wise anglers head to Oneida County’s shallowest lakes and look for bays and backwaters that are warming more quickly than deeper parts of the lake.

The gamefish season opens in Oneida County on the first Saturday in May, giving anglers the opportunity to fish for walleye and northern pike. Catch-and-release fishing is also available, with the harvest season for bass beginning the third Saturday in June.

During the late spring, the fishing for walleye and bass can be fantastic, since water temperatures are ideal for these species. Anglers can begin using larger, louder and flashier lures as fish become more aggressive.